Thursday, February 2, 2017

Tablet Of Crystal Glass

Tablet Of Crystal Glass
© Surazeus
2017 02 02

My cell phone that once glowed gold as sunlight
on the blue lake with images and words
of people all over the spinning globe
now lies blank as a flat stone on the sand.

I stare in the bottomless depth of glass,
searching for faces of people I know,
but their true thoughts no longer flash on beams
of light across ten thousand miles of hope.

I walk the narrow dirt road among trees
that whisper wordless secrets in dawn wind
and stare at patches of sunlight on grass
that reveal infinite nothing of truth.

How far along the road of life I walked
from sea to shining sea in hundred towns
of strangers, singing tales of human love,
before I held a smart phone in my hand.

That small tablet of crystal glass connects
billions of human minds in web of dreams
so we can sing together in one choir
that puzzles all our hopes in one world view.

Now disconnected from world web of thoughts
I float on solitary wings of song
that echoes unheard among dreamless trees
yet hear the universe chime with my words.

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