Sunday, February 12, 2017

Development of Human Character

Development of Human Character
© Surazeus
2017 02 12

The development of human character
in the composition of cinematic poetry
is an iterative process of generation
from a real human to a virtual avatar.

All famous characters of poems and tales
are nothing more than virtual avatars
who live nowhere but inside our brains,
because they spring to life from sentences
that someone composed in lines of text
to replicate a real human they knew in life.

First, a real living human of flesh and blood
struggles to survive in a hostile waste land,
then gains new wisdom from experience
which they develop in a vibrant world view
that guides them well with principles of truth,
and all the drama of their actions and speeches
perceived by people who observe their role
will generate inside world view of their brains
a virtual avatar that represents that person
which will persist long after they have died.

Second, that virtual avatar in their memories
will replicate itself from brain to brain in tales
that people tell while traveling across the land,
springing from the words of stories that they sing
so spirit of that person will attain eternal life
through apotheosis of worshipping minds
when stories are written in words on paper
and read by many generations of new-born souls.

Third, the human character of that persona
will enter eternal hall of our memories
and become a God we all love with reverence
so when their name is spoken by our mouths
the virtual avatar of their eternal spirit
will spring to life and play before our eyes,
and thus we worship mortal human characters
as gods who represent the stories of our souls.

Now when you want to photograph your life
and capture fluid visions swirling in your eyes,
focus vibrant energy of human characters
in clear persona based on people you know,
then paint the contours of their immortal soul
expressing itself in their actions and speeches
by arranging words in elegant lines of verse
that mirror their spirit in virtual avatar
who will live clear in minds of dreaming readers
long after our bodies and minds vanish in wind.

All virtual avatars in our stories and poems
spring to life from hungry lust of desire
that motivates some awkward human soul,
and teach us through the drama of their lives
how we may succeed in struggle to survive
and thrive to create paradise of family love
by planting seeds of truth in waste land of fear
so eager children feast on fruit of our best tales.

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