Thursday, February 16, 2017

Time Dilation

Time Dilation
© Surazeus
2016 04 21

Trees sway in wind on shore of flowing stream
where Andrew and Peter stand beside road,
watching motor cars chug past horse-drawn carts.

Gazing at gold watch ticking on his wrist,
Andrew adjusts purple top hat and grins.
"In new theory of relativity,
proffered by young brilliant genius, Einstein,
time dilation refers to difference
in process from motion of elapsed time
between two events of functioning objects
as measured by individual observers
who are moving relative to each other
or are situated at far locations
either on one gravitational mass
or on different gravitational masses."

Peter runs down the road, then stops and turns,
and silly-walks straight toward him in slow motion,
till face they face they stand on country road.
"We dilated time in motion of will,
since everything in our vast universe
is masses of matter moving in motion,
causing time to dilate as we move fast
or slow toward each other in shining space.
Let us test time dilation in your car."

Racing fast they leap into motor car,
and Andrew turns wheel as they fly down road,
laughing wild as the world around them blurs
into swirling streaks of green, brown, and blue.
After driving forty miles through the woods,
down country lanes and along gushing streams,
they stop in little village at cafe
where people gather to admire their car.

Peter laughs while looking at his gold watch.
"Another aspect I think we can agree
about time dilation is how we raced
swifter through time over many long miles.
We traveled forty miles in just one hour,
whereas when walking on our tromping feet
we cover that same distance over land
in over four hours, exhausting our strength.
We dilated time when we traveled faster
from point to point on our huge spinning world."

Andrew winks at crowd of children and grins.
"This is our time machine because we zoomed
ten thousand miles around the entire world
in just one hour that the world spins in space."
All the children cheer and beg for a ride.

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