Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Run For Treasure

Run For Treasure
© Surazeus
2016 06 26

Pool of water shimmers in granite hole,
reflecting gold sunlight in piercing rays.
"Rays of light weave eagle wings for my soul
so I may fly forward through morning haze."

Young woman wearing horse-hide cloak stands still
by river that splashes over smooth stones.
"So many ways that I could walk spread out
from this center point where I stand alone.
Now all I must do is assert my will
and cause myself to step toward distant goal.
My goal is to find on some distant hill
curling vines that bear sweet delicious grapes
for I can taste them now on thirsty tongue,
calling me to travel from ring of stones
were I hide from monsters in misty woods."

Her heart beats fast at sudden howl in woods
so she breathes deep and crouches among trees,
shrinking into shadows of quiet cool,
and watches for pack of wolves running wild.
"I cannot cower in shadows of fear,
forever tormented by anguish of hope.
Sweet taste juicy grapes on my thirsty tongue,
sparking my soul bright with warm light of love."

Gripping oak branch with trembling hands, she leaps
from copse of tangled trees, and lopes toward hill
where grape vines curl thick trunks of oaks,
but gasps when large gray wolf snaps at her heels.
Breathing deep bright air to cool burning lungs,
she runs toward small cavern hidden by veil
of willow leaves that rustle in soft breeze,
but jumps on rock and glares down at red eyes.

Wolf snarls, arching its back that bristles fur,
then leaps and snaps sharp teeth to rip her throat,
but leather-cloaked girl twirls oak branch and howls,
whacking its head with swift terrified blows,
till hungry beast lies limp, dead at her feet.
Weeping and gasping for breath, young girl
carves dead wolf and roasts its meat over flames,
then scrapes hide clean, smoking it for three days,
and wraps herself warm when moon glitters gold.

When she wakes at dawn, she finds small wolf pup
curled beside her heart, sniffing at soft fur
of her mother, and gazes in her eyes
with silver eyes that gleam with tender love.
Walking together along gushing stream,
young girl and baby wolf leap and play chase,
then arrive on high hill where grape vines grow,
so they sit together and eat plump grapes,
and snuggle as they watch the sun set red.

Young woman wearing wolf-fur cloak sits still,
caressing young wolf who licks her warm hand.
"I ran for treasure and fought for my life,
and then found you, greatest treasure of all."

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