Thursday, February 23, 2017

Consciousness Of God Awake

Consciousness Of God Awake
© Surazeus
2017 02 23

Each object of material that exists
stands out within its bounds of time and space,
so the physical body of an object
exists defined by its process of change.

When our eyes perceive existence of objects
our brains design the concept of ideas
to organize objects by structural style,
inventing art to represent reality.

Though I am but one tiny speck of dust
in swirling pool of vast infinity,
I am a singing speck of sparkly dust
whose brain flashes with visions of delight.

My brain coagulates in web of stars
vibrant molecules that pulse with desire,
dense concentration of bright particles
that wakes and knows itself till it burns blank.

Though this warm material body and brain
exists one hundred spins of teeming Earth
around enormous eye of energy,
I will vanish forever from its flow.

But every atom pulsing in my brain
persists forever before I exist
and long after I vanish from this dream,
eternal particles of flashing lust.

We define God to be outside all bounds
of time and space, so God cannot exist,
rather God subsists as base of all objects,
substance of all existing things that are.

These pulsing particles that weave the fabric
of my body and brain persist forever
in swirling waves of stars in galaxies
that flash with bright unconscious flame of hope.

If God is substance of existing things
then God is all the atoms that persist,
thus when those atoms weave into my brain
I am the consciousness of God awake.

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