Thursday, February 9, 2017

God In Dreaming Flesh

God In Dreaming Flesh
© Surazeus
2014 02 27

The fool says in his heart with confidence
there is no greedy power-hungry man
who crowned himself king over all our land
and claims to speak for an invisible god.

Novels written two thousand years ago
became the foundation on which religions
were constructed to enslave minds of men.

Politics and Religion operate
on the basis that mortal men who gain
high positions of political power
will claim to be gods, powerful men
with armies of killers who claim right
to rule the rest of us for their benefit.

Jesus is dead, and will never return
to transform Earth to perfect paradise, 
nor raise anyone from death back to life.

Religions are fan clubs that celebrate
the lives of famous humans, and present
their lives as a guide for how to live well.

I found one new world church that will include
every person who ever lived and dreamed
as faces of one conscious god we are.

I grew up a theist, but when I observed
natural world composed of swirling atoms,
I realized I am god awake in dreaming flesh.

Since we humans first came down from fruit trees
and began talking about what we see,
we eat, we make love, we fight, we explore,
and we tell each other tales about life
to memorialize people who defied
death with passionate love before they died.

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