Monday, February 13, 2017

Chess City Of Computers

Chess City Of Computers
© Surazeus
2015 05 12

Alone in backseat of the bouncing car,
Tammy gazes at billowing wind-fluffed trees
that shimmer green and yellow in bright rays
that beam through glass in flashing ghost of eyes.

I wish I could fly over city maze
that stretches around me in gliding car
like chess board filled with square castles of brick
and see entire set of buildings and people.

Where is the king now, the slick politician
in a pinstripe suit with flashing cell phone,
smiling at television cameras
as he preaches rich empty promises?

Where is the queen now, the glamorous model
in a shimmering gown and diamond tiara,
gazing from her billboard that advertizes
evening talk show that everybody watches?

Where is the knight now, the real estate agent
driving around town in a shiny car
to help families find the perfect home,
and files paperwork to prove ownership?

Where is the priest now, the popular preacher
strutting on stage in the large crowded church
as he waves the bible of ancient tales
and deceives us that we will rise from death?

Where is the rook now, the tall steel-glass tower
filled with rows of computers blinking bright
that link billions of minds alive on Earth
in world wide web of universal soul.

Turning on her glowing tablet computer,
Tammy posts photos and writes messages
to her friends who live all over the globe,
sharing fun tales and jokes about their lives.

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  1. "sharing fun tales and jokes about their lives." - sad but reality