Monday, February 6, 2017

What Government Is Best

What Government Is Best
© Surazeus
2012 05 17

Our people divide themselves in two sides,
arguing rights from sea to shining sea.
What government is best to rule our land,
people shout, clutching cameras and guns.
Strong government to insure equal rights,
or weak government so rich may rule all?

Rich white men have ruled this land many years,
great land that now teems with colorful tribes.
Businessmen and bankers destroyed old laws
that refrained them from making us all slaves.
What government would you have rule our land?
Just law government, or joke government?

When weak government lets us all live free
will we fight without courts to solve disputes?
While we are fighting each other for rights
will we unite when our land is attacked?
What government would you have rule our land?
Our government, or foreign government?

When businessman lusting to control all
declares that he will build protective wall,
will we allow him to rule paradise,
autocratic tyrant who owns our souls?
What government would you have rule our land?
Fair strong government or no government?

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