Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Sweet Spirit In My Dream

Sweet Spirit In My Dream
© Surazeus
2017 02 28

How often in bright drowsy afternoon,
while I am reading vivid tale in text
about some hero lost on aimless quest
to comprehend true nature of this world,
my mind will drift from solid realm of shapes
and glide slow on dark lake of shimmering light,
floating in mist among large singing oaks,
and there in realm of spirits in my mind
I sense near presence of some nameless soul
whose detailed face with eyes of piercing gaze
I know not in this world of waking names,
yet remember in lush garden of love
where we once danced by lake of flashing stars,
ten billion lives over ten thousand years,
and almost in cold silent air I hear
wordless thoughts expressed on melodious voice
that sings sweet algorithm of true love,
and shocking wisdom of weird profound mystery
will vibrate bright through beating of my heart,
so at that timeless moment of wild insight
I know great secret of why things exist,
which beams in rainbow wings of truth on waves
of sweet emotions surging through my veins,
that nothing in vast universe of stars,
but us organic creatures, lives aware
with consciousness glowing inside our brains,
and so I reach my hand to touch her face
with hope to embrace her with loving kiss
that we may reincarnate our two souls
and live again after death in our children,
but then I snap awake with startled jerk,
and all those spirits, gathered close around
my throbbing head, vanish swift at my gasp,
and all alone I find myself, somewhere
within vast winding labyrinth of Earth,
longing to see them all, those nameless souls,
alive again and playing on fields of fruit,
yet still I feel warm presence of that soul
my brain invents from longing hope to touch
her real face with trembling hand that now taps
keyboard letters to paint with rigid words
this fluid vision pulsing through my skull
where conscious awareness glows with desire
that atoms woven in my brain will know
true name of that sweet spirit in my dream.

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