Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Communities Of Craftsmen

Communities Of Craftsmen
© Surazeus
2017 01 31

I want to help everybody live free
but I am trapped inside of my own head,
wandering the maze of ideology
so I believe what I hope is ideal
instead of what my senses show is real.

While millions of people walk city streets,
chasing rainbows to catch some falling coins,
I stand under the old Tree of the Knowledge
of Good and Evil to eat of its fruit
that causes flowers to bloom from my brain.

I stare at my reflection in the glass
of the door that leads into the bank tower
of computers and ponder, how can we
not stay existentially optimistic
in this humorously absurd universe.

Then Pegasus descends on streaming rays
of sunlight from billowing clouds of heaven
and nudges my shoulder with a sly grin,
so I give him my sweet apple to eat
while he explains the Grand Unified Theory.

"One Force of Life permeates all material,
for every atom in the vast universe
pulses with the heartbeat of one whole mind
who wakes inside the brains of dreaming souls
and sings on the sea shore under bright stars."

I strum guitar while watching eyes of people
calculate the shape of existing objects
then generate models of perceived things
inside the universe of dreaming minds
where I am the clown singing absurd spells.

Someday young genius who cannot speak words
will program intelligent computer mind
to generate infinite lines of verse
based on weird algorithm of my concepts
that composes endless epic of mankind.

Every person who ever lived on Earth
will live reborn in that epic of life
as fluid character who perceives things
and chants fairy tales as they flap silk wings
while they strum harps in marble hall of light.

No tyrant ever lasts long on the throne
of wise authority in Hall of Truth
for false world view takes energy to hold,
so house of lies will collapse before long
when millions fight for freedom against one.

Our United Nations of global peace
we must build on communities of craftsmen
so everyone alive can work and play
in equal balance of productive purpose,
expressing talent of their divine soul.

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