Sunday, August 13, 2017

Streets Of Charlottesville

Streets Of Charlottesville
© Surazeus
2017 08 13

We gather in the streets of Charlottesville
to protest fascist Nazi goons
who claim that white people should rule the world,
and sing, all people should live free.

Above the peaceful streets of Charlottesville
the statue of Robert E. Lee
still stands in sunlight to commemorate
his vile defense of slavery.

We march the narrow streets of Charlottesville
to defend truth and liberty
and tear down from lofty height of glory
the statue of Robert E. Lee.

Nazis invade the streets of Charlottesville
to praise General Robert E. Lee,
but we defend rule of equality
and sing, all people should live free.

Young Heather, marching streets of Charlottesville,
raises flag of freedom in wind,
and declares, we should not discriminate,
for all are equal in this world.

Prowling the crowded streets of Charlottesville,
James guns car engine and zooms fast
then plows into huge crowd of protesters,
crushing Heather to death in rage.

We scream in the red streets of Charlottesville
as James races fast to escape,
while our warrior of justice lies dead,
killed in the war for liberty.

Lay flowers on the streets of Charlottesville
and dedicate your loyal heart
to fight for freedom and justice for all
where Heather died for liberty.

When fascists march the streets of Charlottesville
and threaten liberty for all,
light your heart with spirit of love
and march strong for justice and truth.

We gather in the streets of Charlottesville
to fight for true equality,
and raise new statue of wise Liberty
in memory of our patriot.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Statue Of Aethelbertus

Statue Of Aethelbertus
© Surazeus
2017 08 10

Staring at the statue of Aethelbertus,
first Christian King of Kent, carved from white stone,
who stands tall in Canterbury Cathedral
on my misty island of Avalon,
I see my own face reflected in his,
like millions of souls in America
descended from both gods, Jesus and Woden.

What are gods but ancestors of us all
who show us how to grow beyond ourselves
and dream reborn in our genetic coils
that spiral sparkles in our dreaming brains?

Having stripped all ideologies away,
to free my mind from delusions of faith
in religion and nationalist pride,
I stand naked in the cold rain of time
only myself, creature of flesh and blood.

Named Albert at birth in lush Oregon,
far from the misty island where he ruled,
I drop the mask all my ancestors wore
and walk faceless in the vast city streets
where people from every nation on Earth
swirl together in silver Seattle rain.

I see the children of all ancient gods
alive in new bodies of flesh and blood
inventing new dramas of love and war
we write through daily routines of our lives
preserved in tales of personalities
playing roles that express spirit of our times.

I may be King Albert alive again
but I tear away the cocoon of his mask
so my soul emerges with unique wings,
and give myself new name, Surazeus,
to dream the ancient world with reborn eyes.