Tuesday, February 7, 2017

All We Think Is True

All We Think Is True
© Surazeus
2017 02 07

Orpheus rises laughing on glass wings
from naked heart of Earth to twang gold strings
of streaming sunlight that weave dreaming brain
which sparks our souls alive in splashing rain.

Ophelia stands in ring of shining stones
and rearranges letters with our bones
that may record weird story of our quest
to find out where the sun goes in the west.

Orpheus stands above me in cold rain
and strums his lyre to spark awake my brain
which resurrects my soul from underworld
where devil I defeated now lies curled.

Ophelia gives me yarrow for my wound
then sings sad hymns where apple trees once bloomed
but when I eat sweet apple from her hand
she tries to crown me prophet of her land.

Orpheus proves everything I believe
is lie invented by priests to deceive
illiterate farmers to fund their rich church
so I leave home on endless futile search.

Ophelia takes me to her tower room
and shows me secrets of rebirth and doom,
then she births new child from my holy seed
and founds our dynasty on sacred creed.

Orpheus leads me past cold marble wall
and sets me on his throne in palace hall
where I strum lyre, reciting ancient tales
depicting goddess who bears balanced scales.

Ophelia plants fruit tree in misty dale
and shows me where she keeps her Holy Grail
that blinds my eyes with glory of her soul
so I record her deeds in sacred scroll.

Orpheus wakes inside my dreaming brain
and guides my actions in my global reign
so I decree good laws that formalize
plain rules of common sense that all men prize.

Ophelia weeps beside my blank grave stone
and tells me I will always be alone
then sings while floating down the winding stream
how all we think is true is but her dream.

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