Monday, August 31, 2015

New Song Of Everything

New Song Of Everything
© Surazeus
2015 08 31

The great poet tunes the style of their times
and leads all others dancing to their rhymes,
for they will beam the sunlight of their spells
that blast away shadows with ringing bells
to fabricate temple of divine truth
which houses visions of rebellious youth
who establish new rules to guide their play,
and by clout of complex insightful way
when molding in verse our most secret thoughts
achieve potent expression in word knots
that weave cluttered facts from wild streaming ebb
of knowledge in puzzling religious web,
and thus compose new world view of everything
so everyone in harmony may sing.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Occupy Our Streets

Occupy Our Streets
© Surazeus
2011 10 10

The beginning is near and the end is far gone
but we will keep marching in the sun and the rain.
How long must we wait for success to trickle down
after working with faith for our slice of the pie.
Our American Dream has been bought and sold
so ninety-nine percent now occupy our streets.

When the banks got bailed out for gambling our homes
we got sold out because they were too big to fail.
We played by the rules but the game was rigged to lose
now one percent are rich from the sweat of our hands.
Our American Dream has been bought and sold
so ninety-nine percent now occupy our streets.

When the gangsters in government borrow and spend
they leave us in debt after they profit from war.
They call it good business when the rich rob the poor
but send police to beat us when the poor fight back.
Our American Dream has been bought and sold
so ninety-nine percent now occupy our streets.

They may arrest one of us but two more appear
leaving behind homes and jobs we already lost.
Though first they ignore us and soon they laugh at us
then they will fight us but by justice we will win.
Our American Dream has been bought and sold
so ninety-nine percent now occupy our streets.

Our new revolution will not be privatized
for the corrupt fear us and the honest support us.
The suffering of injustice is not televised
when you dollar-bill my mouth to silence my voice.
Our American Dream has been bought and sold
so ninety-nine percent now occupy our streets.

The corporate king who stole three billion dollars laughs
jailed for three years with a television and golf course.
The man who stole a hundred dollars to feed his kids
slaves in prison making computers fifty years.
Our American Dream has been bought and sold
so ninety-nine percent now occupy our streets.

The power of the people who speak with one voice
is stronger than the people in power who cheat.
I will never believe corporations are people
until Texas executes one for social theft.
Our American Dream has been bought and sold
so ninety-nine percent now occupy our streets.

Our beginning is near because your end has come
as we rewrite social rules for all to play fair.
When every person profits from work of their hands
our faith in each other creates real paradise.
Our American Dream has been bought and sold
so ninety-nine percent now occupy our streets.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Lily Princess Of Prytain

Lily Princess Of Prytain
2015 08 26

When I walked past three oaks to silent pond
to ask young blond girl in tattered red dress
for green bottle of honey back at last,
she enclosed me with light of her green eyes,
then opened box in her breast to reveal
cracked bottle inside dead raven of stars,
so we held hands as we walked country road
past whispering forest to city of glass,
then sat together in large feather nest
as she cradled green-spotted egg all night,
then gave me porcelain doll with her face,
and her face crumbled away into dust
that I packed in pot where white lily blooms.

Truth and Lie

Truth and Lie
2015 08 26

That Great Lie of Paul, that we resurrect
after death, must be erased from all minds
and reformed with compassionate love
for all souls, since we only live one life,
because it drives believers to commit
horrible acts of oppression and hate,
and instead should be replaced with Great Truth
of Epicurus that all living things
are formed from atoms that assemble once
in organic creatures who wake from dream
and perceive beauty of this teeming world.
We only live one life in changing world,
so we should treat every creature with love,
for once we die we disappear forever.

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Four Levels of Reality

Four Levels of Reality

Eukleides to Arkhimedes
at Museum in Library of Alexandria:
"Platon described four levels of reality
that reveal aspects of objects we sense.
Second level is real existing things,
closed objects that stand out in space and time,
defined by limits of beginning and end
that contain matter made from elements,
solid things we can sense with hands and eyes.
First level is shadow of those real things
in echoes that reflect their corporal shapes,
such as paintings of things which are but blobs
of color smeared on plane, yet gazing eyes
see image of that real thing in its shape,
and words we speak which are but puffing sounds
yet cause hearing minds to visualize things.
Third level is eternal idea of things,
changeless pattern that defines structure shape
which persists as real in realm of our minds
where we imagine things that could exist,
for even if every tree that exists
is destroyed, and all trees cease to be real
from solid matter, yet idea of tree
would still persist as concept in our minds,
changeless forms that can never be destroyed.
Fourth level is geometry of things,
basic shapes and qualities organized
by Demiurgos, craftsman creator mind,
circles, triangles, planes, cylinders, cubes,
polygons, cones, and spheres, that constitute
designs for eternal idea of things,
like length, width, height, volume, mass, and weight,
attributes that define substance of forms.
First is where things stand with, consistence,
which Hesiodos taught as visions and dreams,
second is where things stand out, existence,
which Aristoteles taught as categories,
third is where things stand forward, persistence,
which Platon taught as eternal ideas,
and fourth is where things stand under, substance,
which I will teach you as geometry."

from Spheres of Arkhimedes
Hermead Vol 5
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70,000 lines of blank verse
in epic poem about philosophers

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Synopsis of the Episodes in Hermead Vol 4

Hermead Vol 4

Epic Poem about Philosophers

Synopsis of the Episodes

XVI Void Of Demokritos - 4,352 lines of blank verse

Demokritos grows up in Abdera where he studies with the Khaldaian magician Ostanes. After Ostanes dies in the cave of Orpheus, he studies with the philosopher Leukippos, and learns about his new concept of Atoms, uncuttable particles that constitute everything that exists. Traveling to Athens to study with Anaxagoras, Demokritos studies with Philolaos instead, then travels to Miletos where he studies Monism at the school of Thales. Demokritos travels to Aigyptos where he meets Suryathi who takes him to her homeland India where he studies the atomist philosophy of Kashyapa Kanada. Traveling together, Demokritos and Suryathi visit Ur and Babylon, where they meet Artaxerxes, then must escape a priest angry about his philosophy of atoms. After meeting Sabazios in Kappadokia, they arrive home in Abdera where he continues the school of Leukippos until his death.

XVII Ideas Of Aristokles Platon - 8,310 lines of blank verse

Platon hangs out with his brother, listening to Sokrates talk about philosophy, and is inspired to write dialogs that star the Silenian gadfly who questions everything in his search for wisdom. After Sokrates is tried, convicted, and executed for blasphemy, Platon flees Athens with his friends, sailing to Megara, Kyrene, Aigyptos, and Taras, Italia where he attends various schools to learn geometry and astronomy. While in Taras Platon is invited to Sikelia to teach philosophy to the tyrant Dionsysios who sells him as a slave, so he has to fight as a gladiator in Kyrene where his friends buy his freedom. Returning to Athens, Platon establishes the Akademia and teaches philosophy of Ideas to a growing coterie of brilliant thinkers and students. Platon goes twice to Sikelia to teach philosophy to Dionsysios II but fails to convince him to be a philosopher-king. On his deathbed, Platon passes the Akademia to his nephew.

XVIII Causes Of Aristoteles - 6,912 lines of blank verse

Aristoteles explores with his friend Philippos, whose father is king of Makedonia, then goes to see his father who is a doctor at the court hospital, but his father is dying. His uncle sends him to Athens where he studies at the Akademia of Platon for twenty years, exploring nature with his friends. When Aristoteles is passed over as head of the Akademia, he travels with his friend Hermias to Aiolis where his father is king. Aristoteles falls in love with Pythias, and they spend several years exploring the flora and fauna of Lesbos Island with Theophrastos. After Hermias is killed by the Persians, Aristoteles takes his family to Makedonia where he becomes tutor for young Alexandros and his friends. Philippos and his father form the League of Korinthos, and Aristoteles founds a philosophy school in the Lykeion in Athens while Alexandros conquers the world. After Alexandros dies, Aristoteles flees for his life to Euboia where he dies.

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Flash Into Why

Flash Into Why
© Surazeus
2015 08 15

I see her dance slow on green misty lawn
and spread both arms wide as she twirls around,
head tilted as she closes eyes to feel
infinite universe beam from her mind.

I blink and she is gone from spinning time
because I read on the internet how
she drove alone to a clear mountain lake
and shot herself while sitting on a rock.

"What happened to you in the desert war?"
I whisper as birds tweet in apple trees.

She smiles brightly from the glowing phone screen.
Wherever I look at the empty sky
I see her face on white billowing clouds.

Why should I go to work or pay my bills?
Why should I go see movies or read books?
Why should I care now about anything
since she shot herself through her aching heart?

I close my eyes to feel infinite love
vanish into the black hole of despair.
Red butterfly flutters wings on my hair.

I feel my solid body dissipate
and waver like flickering flame of light
that smiles with meaningless joy on the lake
where our first ancestor began to sing.

I see her meditating on the rock
that floats alone in mindless outer space,
head tilted as she opens eyes to know
infinite universe flash into why.

Birthday Sonnet

Birthday Sonnet
© Surazeus
2015 08 15

We drive the endless winding road of life
over bridges of hope, through swirling fog
of uncertainty, on the endless search
for paradise we must invent, to savor
one day of peace in the garden of fruit,
talking with the ones we love, while the Earth
spins our heads till we laugh, dizzy with joy,
then fall asleep and disappear forever,
our souls a flickering flame in the vast
and limitless dream of the universe.
There is no meaning in this world of hunger,
so we gather food and prepare a meal,
then feed each other while we sing our tales,
and celebrate the miracle of birth.

Friday, August 14, 2015

Fragments Of Torn Paintings

Fragments Of Torn Paintings
2015 08 14

Blind poet jams on electric guitar.
Voice of god vibrates in every glass car.

Roiling rivers gush down mute mountain slope.
Homeless man asks all where he can buy hope.

We circle our town on daily routine.
Inoculate my heart with love vaccine.

We look for god in dark night of the soul.
We huddle freezing around dying coal.

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Spark of My Awareness

Spark of My Awareness
Hermead XVII:6266-6283

"Spark of my awareness, that I am me,
must shine from pure eternal source of light
that permeates vast universe of space,
and beams from central core of throbbing world,
eternal and infinite glow of mind,
conscious creator who wakes inside me,
and concentrates ray of knowledge and wisdom
through organ of my mind so I can sense
my small self as one part of everything,
and also sense its vast eternal self,
for I am one leaf on enormous tree.
One leaf I am on tree of human souls,
and though I bloom, whisper my thoughts in wind
to sing my soul for my short time of life,
then flutter dislodged from community
of humankind, and putter lost on shore
of changeless world, I rejoice that my mind
shines awake to taste beauty of this world."

from Ideas of Aristokles Platon
Hermead Vol 4, coming soon

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Epic as Mental Programming Bible

Epic as Mental Programming Bible

I cannot deny that while writing my epic poem Hermead about the lives of philosophers, I often felt like I was a Harry Potter type wizard at a university in medieval Europe who was composing a Homeric epic about the history of philosophers and scientists as wizards.

My first ancestors to America left England in 1630 near the end of the English Renaissance, a young woman named Anne Bradstreet who wrote poetry in the early days of Puritan New England where she lived in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

The 11 generations of my ancestors from Anne to me moved westward over 300 years across the American continent till I was born in Oregon in 1964, always moving into the wilderness away from the encroachment of civilization. Therefore, my psychological development developed on a different path from the civilizations of Europe and eastern America over the past three centuries. Thus I came to realize that my psychological makeup maintains a Renaissance mindset in midst of this technologically advanced Modernist world.

In a way my composing this epic about philosophers and scientists is my way of reprogramming my psychological view of the universe so that, in tracing the development of scientific thought, I can catch up to the advanced view of the universe that forms the basis of the scientific view of Naturalist Humanism.

I am having lots of fun learning about philosophy and science as I compose narrative poems about the lives of philosophers and scientists. I hope others have as much fun reading the stories as I have writing them. My epic is my mental programming bible that recounts the psychological history of our scientific development over the past few millennia.

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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Variety of Life

Variety of Life

Aristoteles to his wife Pythias
talking about explore Lesbos Island:
"Tell me about lush island of your dreams
so I may envision your playful life.
How many secret groves with flowing pools
sparkle in shadows of wind-rustling trees?
What rich variety of animals
play in shadowy woods of hidden vales?
What types of bright flowers and fruitful trees
sprout from pungent soils of its hills and dales?
What kinds of birds and lizards populate
its expansive trees and glimmering swamps?
I want to observe and investigate
special flora and fauna that inhabit
every pond, valley, hill, meadow, and beach
that frames curvaceous space of island world.
Our Kosmos teems with rich variety
of plants and animals in multitude
of sizes, shapes, and colors, yet they all
share common features in family groups."

from Causes of Aristoteles
from Hermead Volume 4, coming soon

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Narrative of Life

Narrative of Life

"I spent my long life exploring this world
and expressing in clear logical terms
potent facts about its physical nature,
but all my platitudes describing truth
wither like fruit in biting winter wind.
I spent all my life with devoted friends,
surrounded by colleagues and listeners
as we discussed rich purpose of this life,
but now I sit alone by weeping sea.
More isolated I become these days,
contemplating winding path of my life,
more I like stories painting human life
that illustrate vital principles
of fundamental truths about this world."

from Causes of Aristoteles
from Hermead Vol 4 Coming Soon

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Fifth Element Aither

Fifth Element Aither

"We know four geometric shapes exist,
basic particles in triangle form,
but when I wonder what binds them together
I conclude through progress of linking steps
that some fifth element of cement state,
similar to air, must be required
to activate nexus of compact accord
which aggregates elements in constrained forms.
We mortal humans on terrestrial sphere
breathe gusting air that animates our souls,
but immortal gods of celestial realm
breathe pure ethereal light, personified
by Aither, son of Erebos and Nyx,
so I nominate fifth element Aither.
Five geometric solids I envision
formulate shapes of four base elements
and one Aither connecting them with light
from strict patterns of connecting triangles
that construct design of ideal forms,
which sculpt material in existing things
to generate this world of flowing life."

from Ideas of Aristokles Platon
from Hermead Vol 4 Coming Soon

Thursday, August 6, 2015

High Peak Of Parnassos

High Peak Of Parnassos
2015 08 06

I stand alone on high peak of Parnassos
and survey the world through my broken glasses,
then proclaim epic verse to windy plain
as lightning strikes my head in gusting rain.
I wander in the ruins of ancient hall
where Athena stood before marble wall
and held high tricky flame of liberty
to lead revolts against dire poverty.
I pluck rusty strings of Hermetic lyre
then race my car on highways in third gear
to find the swamp where modern poets tramp
and flee blind Cronus with his broken lamp.
My epic is the mountain of grand tales
where lyrical weeds sprout by nameless trails.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Together Mute

Together Mute
2015 08 05

Extension of eyes to perceive soul flash
of steel rebirth from swamp of aching hope,
when he exchanges mask of names each day
before he walks cold urban street of doors.

She walks tightrope of razor blades through maze
of soul-devouring eyes that pierce her mind,
even though she wears iron mask of love,
and locks glass doors that access dignity.

Without his bag of tricks, he invents tools
that help his hands construct empire of thought,
sand castles that shimmer on beach of lies,
and he laughs where artificial bird flies.

She sews ten thousand words on shards of glass
and assembles puzzle of language code
that calculates love and faith she designs,
then programs doors to open on command.

They face each other on the bridge of glass,
exchanging masks they wear a thousand years,
and weave words in gusts of colliding wind,
together mute by Tree of Life that died.

Monday, August 3, 2015

Platon founds the Akademeia

Platon founds the Akademeia to study philosophy:

"Call me Platon, for scope of my research
in nature of life is broad as bright sky
that gleams from crystal sphere of shining stars.
We gather here in warm Elysian grove
where long ago at dawn of Hellene dream,
Athena, whom we reverence with love
as representative of logical thought,
walked this sacred ground, contemplating truth
about nature of people and this world.
Walk beside me in footsteps of Athena,
and we will discover mysteries of life
in this grove where brave Akademos dared
defy King Theseus when he raped young Helen,
and revealed her location to her brothers,
and thus saved Children of Graikos from death.
This grove of olives, on bright river shore,
glows with divine spirit of wise Athena,
so we shall glow with inquisitive urge
to study essence vibrant inside objects,
and discover secrets in how they work
in relationship with Oneness of All."

From Ideas of Aristokles Platon
from Hermead Vol 4