Saturday, February 11, 2017

Rain Is God Weeping

Rain Is God Weeping
© Surazeus
2015 04 05

Whenever someone attempts to play humble
they conceal arrogant entitlement,
suppressing passion of selfish desire
to honor rights of people they respect.

Jesus is dead. He did not resurrect
from the dead. Jesus will never return
nor raise anyone from the dead. So live.

Who invokes polemical stiffness, crown
of empires flashing with bright neon lights,
till wars mutate bodies in garden compost?

Millions believe they will be raised from death.
Then they die, we bury them in the ground,
and so we never hear from them again.

I do not need you. I am fine alone.
I want you in my life because I value
who you are in all your rich character.

The preacher waves his bible at the crowd.
"Rain is God weeping in wretched despair
if you do not love him with all your heart."

Hiding inside glass door of pride, he laughs.
"I eat my wings so none can steal my wings."
His tower of gold windows crumbles to dust.

There is no god except my consciousness,
and I am prophet of my own clear will,
so I design my true paradise we share.

Nothing whispers in mute wind of gray fire
but souls scorched to ash by religious wrath
of men who fight for their invented god.

Science presents proof without certainty.
Religion claims certainty without proof.
Science better guides to truth I can trust.

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