Thursday, February 9, 2017

Memory Of Ocean Waves

Memory Of Ocean Waves
© Surazeus
2014 04 21

He wanders slow in ancient nameless towns,
lingering in shadow of doorways and alleys,
and strums guitar vibrating from starlight
that enchants our hearts with visions of life.

Long live Ishtar, Mother Goddess of Easter,
Mother of Life who generates our bodies
that beam bright with our conscious dreaming souls.

We are reincarnations of our mothers,
eternal soul of First Mother in flesh,
reborn again since dawn of our dream time.

The seed that dies in the soil of desire
will sprout reborn from the flames of true love,
swelling substantial from the tears of hope
to wake from dream as red apples of wisdom.

At this point in time I have been awake
twenty two hours straight toward that last red star
that shimmers still over mount of lost souls
though that star burned out billions of years ago.
The star I see shining so bright in heaven
no longer exists as sphere of hot flames.

We float light in memory of ocean waves
and dream when we were born from Mother Sea,
and crawled river of hope to cave of eyes,
then emerged on shore sand at dawn of time
to dance like flames and sing with ocean waves.

The love in your heart is always your guide
as the light of truth through the darkest night,
for leaders like you blaze the noblest path
through the most difficult jungle of hate,
since those who respect your struggle for justice
outnumber those who fear change you design.

Steel is alloy of iron and copper,
while bronze is alloy of copper and tin.
My soul is alloy of mother and father.

Rich words of Lucretius and Cicero
are seeds that sprouted in the Tree of Knowledge
which nourished rebirth of the Renaissance.

I swim deep sea of dreams on aching quest
to find and savor true flower of your face,
and thus we dance like bees to brew sweet honey.

Red-eyed Crow, why do you bring me pure light
from bleeding moon who told me every secret
hidden inside lost egg of motherhood?

Black holes are dense packs of matter that emit
radiation in fountains of dark matter,
spewing refreshed quarks that become baryons.

Volubilis rota temporis equitemus
quoniam mater stella creat animos.
We ride spinning wheel of time throughout life
because star mother creates all our souls.

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