Monday, February 6, 2017

Another Famous Poet Died

Another Famous Poet Died
© Surazeus
2017 02 06

I hear another famous poet died
today, somewhere out there in the wide world
where I have never wandered in despair,
or scratched verses of sorrow on old trees
or on sidewalks so the words of my dreams
appear only when rain stains cement gray,
and now all the other poets, who sing
around me like shadows behind gray rain,
gather together around the warm hearth
where poets share their songs of bleeding eyes
that flow from deep throbbing well of their hearts,
so when I wander through dark labyrinth
of city streets from wilderness waste land
of silent winds, I stand out on the fringe
and try to join their lamentation choir
but fail to harmonize words of my songs
since I seem to sing to the restless rhythm
of mountains streams that water fruit-tree plains
instead of car traffic in city towers,
so I blush when the famous poets glare
annoyed at me, then slink back to my cave
in the voiceless wilderness of wild winds
to scratch more verses on the mountain cliff
that dissolves in the endless rain of tears
while caressing the golden ring of truth
that shimmers from the atoms of our brains.