Saturday, February 11, 2017

My Empty Soul

My Empty Soul
© Surazeus
2017 02

The girl under the tree with giggling leaves
reads a very large book with one blank page
which turns into a turtle without eyes
that gaze in the depths of my empty soul.

The girl grows long curls of red hair which glows
with the light of the moon in misty trees
so she opens my heart like an oak box
and stores seeds she finds in my empty soul.

The girl threads electric wires in my head
that connect my brain to bright machines
which flash in every house around the globe
to invent memories for my empty soul.

The girl without shoes, wearing a white gown,
replaces her eyes with diamonds from stars
which are cameras that beam dreams of our brains
to flash virtual world in my empty soul.

The girl carries my head in leather purse
along with the scepter she stole from Hera
and hero mask she made for me to wear
so I play role that hides my empty soul.

The girl opens her hands to show me gem
that reveals evolution of our world
from molecules that sparkle in our brains
so God emerges from my empty soul.

The girl whispers in my ear at midnight,
explaining how our souls reincarnate,
then she consumes milk flowing from my eyes
to weave new shell that bears my empty soul.

The girl stands naked on flat pyramid
like singing tree that blossoms juicy fruit
and beams bright sunlight through her flashing eyes
when her ripe womb creates my empty soul.

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