Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Mask Of Every Face - Birthday Poem

Poem on the night before my 50th birthday:

Mask Of Every Face
© Surazeus
2014 09 23

Surazeus Simon Seamount
24 September 1964 - Eternity

Half a century I trudge this ball of dirt
and gather masks from faces of dead people
to hang them on ten billion apple trees
where every apple opens eyes from face
of every person who ever lived on Earth.

I wear each mask and become every person
and see this world through their dream-shining eyes
and feel aching hunger of their dead hearts
and cry out their voices in forgotten poems
which I bury in soil so they grow as trees.

They grow inside me, seeds of their lost souls,
so my little body, bundle of singing atoms,
vibrates stuffed with zillions of long-dead souls
who dream again, swimming in my blood streams,
and mask of every face merges in my face
so I am every person who ever lived on Earth.