Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Atoms Evolving Into God

Atoms Evolving Into God
© Surazeus
2017 02 14

I become everything when I realize
I am nothing, a collection of atoms
who sing together in web of my brain.

Alone they are nothing but sparks of light,
these hot atoms that formulate my brain,
pulsing with passion to construct my soul,
yet together in wave-shimmering web
these atoms generate weird virtual world
that bulges in bubble of consciousness.

I partake in the essence of all things
as part and parcel of the swirling mass
of mindless molecules, flashing with lust, 
that coagulate into dreaming brains.

We are atoms evolving into God,
concept of conscious creator of life
that we invented based on tribal kings
who organize our labor to maintain
stable social order so all may eat.

Will our entire universe of stars
evolve into vast crystal web of souls
so we may soar on wings of flashing light,
spirits huge as planets with thousand eyes
of dreaming brains, along rivers of flame
to dance around enormous Black Hole Eye
and sing ecstatic hymns of laughing love?

When I look in the mirror at my face
I see every ancestor who once lived
and woke from dream to comprehend this world
in vivid hour of insight when they fought
aggressive hunters to devour their souls,
and survived death to live another day,
for all their life-memories are programmed
in mythic code that designs virtual world
which glows bright in galaxy of my brain.

I feel essence of everything I see
sizzling bright with the flashing sparks of atoms
that flow from the sun in shimmering waves.

Pausing on the sidewalk in college town,
small and fragile in golden Palouse hills,
I stare at the sun gleaming rays of light,
and see enormous Spider weaving life
of all organic creatures on this world.

O Giant Sun Spider Goddess, I cry,
mindless creator who weaves dreaming brain
of my soul from swirls of hot molecules,
I am your eye perceiving you with love
as you wind my body tight with sweet lust
to procreate more worshippers of truth.

I become every creature who exists
when I vanish to nothing but eye-brain
sparkling in vast web of atomic light
and we all sing together when we wake.

I become One God when I realize
there is no omniscient God who made life,
at least not yet, for we organic brains
are all atoms evolving into God.

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