Sunday, February 12, 2017

Empress Orange Of Stonehenge

Empress Orange Of Stonehenge
© Surazeus
2016 04 29

When I landed my starship on lush isle
and transformed to a wolf in moonlight,
I saw the ancient druid inside Stonehenge
chanting spells and protecting a fresh orange.

When beautiful girl with flowing red hair
gazed down at me with sky-blue shining eyes
I vowed to overcome each daunting challenge
to acquire and treasure the sweet young orange.

I crept up the spiral stairs of his tower
to taste the flower of his precious daughter
but the druid woke at creak of the door hinge,
and chanted spells that obscured the fresh orange.

I felt the blow of lightning flashing bright
zap my mind with illusions of despair
but I breathed and stood tall, refusing to cringe,
and ran through labyrinth to find sweet orange.

When I married his cute daughter Miranda
and kissed her on the flower-decked veranda,
the druid came after me for fierce revenge,
chanting spells to repossess his lost orange.

I defeated him in battle of wits,
maneuvering knights till I acquired his key,
then I controlled the whole fertile island range
and reign as guard beside my pretty orange.

Before I crushed his head with wand of power,
sweet Miranda stayed my hand, so I sent
her homeless druid father out to scavenge
for seeds so he can cultivate new orange.

Now I wear gold crown shining diamond eyes
and she reigns well as empress by my side,
sitting together inside ring of Stonehenge,
surrounded by trees that blossom fresh orange.

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