Friday, February 3, 2017

Seeds Of Their Hope

Seeds Of Their Hope
© Surazeus
2017 02 03

Every person who lives on this huge globe
has the inalienable right to believe
doctrines about nature of our universe
that inspire them to create, not destroy.

Tall woman with eyes blazing stars of truth
touches my head with soul-transforming hand
and reveals world view about human progress
that guides my way with torch of liberty.

I follow her footsteps west through waste land,
bearing Book of Tales that records the lives
of every person who lived on this world,
to stand on mountain slope by gushing stream.

I gaze across the wilderness of lust
where farmers plant crops on lush river shores,
and hear songs of their voices ring in woods
while they sprout wings and fly into the clouds.

They plant seeds of their hope in fertile soil
and nourish children who spring from their hearts,
but weep when they fight world wars for control
that leave no one but me picking ripe fruit.

Columbia lays old Book of Names and Deeds
before my face at desk in hall of tales
so I write name of each person who dies
to record grand history of human quest.

After each time we fight in civil war
we build new nation on foundation rule
that every person alive may express
will to life through liberty within law.

I plant potatoes, lettuce, wheat, and corn
to transform waste land of their broken skulls
into Garden of Eden lush with fruit
that fall in our hands when we rise from death.

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