Monday, February 20, 2017

Soul Of Apples

Soul Of Apples
© Surazeus
2017 02 20

Richard lounges on wet grass under tree
heavy with pungent green apples that shimmer
in rays of sunlight beaming through scattered clouds
that splashed the running hills with silver laughter.

Twisting gold curls of hair around her finger,
Evelyn caresses his cheek with sad smile,
then fills his wood cup with more apple cider,
and kisses his throat while he drinks it down.

Wiping his mouth he laughs, then kisses fast
her sun-red lips, which makes her blue eyes sparkle
so she drapes her plump arms around his neck,
and sighs while licking his soul on her lips.

"You drink so much apple cider, my love,
I believe you now have sweet soul of apples,
so their dreams sparkle in words of your heart
since your eyes shimmer green as fruit of life."

Richard gazes down into her blue eyes
and sees vision of a rainbow-winged serpent
slithering through branches of apple tree,
then imagines that he would snatch it quick.

"When I look at the round blue sky above
I think the world is contained in your eyes,
so I want to dive in lake of your soul
and drink soul cider from cup of your heart."

Evelyn whispers hot breath in his ear.
"Fill my heart with holy spirit of love
so I may reincarnate your gentle soul
and teach our son how to brew apple cider."

Richard breathes deep apple scent of her breast.
"I will always protect your soul from danger
and teach our daughter how to sing sweet spells
that enchant minds of people with pure wisdom."

I examine my eyes in the clear mirror
which shows a green ring surrounded by blue,
like a lush island in the sparkling ocean,
and perceive their love story in its glow.

I pour apple cider in glass of ice
then watch sunlight shimmer on the small lake
which preserves name of every conscious soul
who ever lived in the dream of our world.

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