Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Terrorists In Our Land

Terrorists In Our Land
© Surazeus
2017 03 01

Stepping through the glass door of the brick church,
which flashes distorted image of his face,
like shimmering ghost screaming in stark fear,
Robert pushes upward red baseball cap
and laughs at the people turning to look,
then aims rifle at the preacher on stage
who stutters in midsentence of his sermon.
"You people breed like rats, infesting land
of liberty and justice with your greed
and laziness, since you refuse to work.
Your lives were better off when you were slaves,
so I come today to exterminate
filthy vermin like you and cleanse our nation.
You are all ugly monkeys without souls,
so you should leave America and go
back to the dark jungles of Africa.
I will make America great again."

Walking slowly toward him with outstretched arms,
the preacher smiles and talks with cooing voice.
"Jesus loves all the children of the world,
so we welcome you to our open church.
Come and share in bounty of our good food,
and talk about life with Jesus in Heaven."

Glaring at their eyes blinking white with fear,
Robert fires bullets of hate at their hearts,
and kills fourteen people, women and children,
who scream in horror as they run away,
then shoots the shouting preacher in the face,
before seven men drag him to the floor.
After police arrive, they lock his hands
with steel rings, and take him away to prison
where he sits alone in small white brick room,
shivering at the shadows of bloody faces
that slither across emptiness of hate.

Stepping before the cameras of news stations,
the president in dark suit and blue tie
brushes wisps of blond hair out of his eyes,
then frowns and squints his eyes with bold intent
while thrusting out his chin with grim concern.
"Muslim terrorists from middle-east countries
are pouring into our amazing country
without proper vetting, taking our jobs
and living off the welfare of our state.
These Muslim terrorists inside our land
are plotting to attack our way of life,
so we must round them up in prison camps
and then expel them from our land of freedom.
We must cleanse filthy vermin from our land.
I will make America great again."

Marching with crowd of angry liberals,
who chant, "vile clown is not our president,"
while blocking traffic through the city streets,
Miriam shakes her head in astonishment
as she reads his remarks on her smart phone.
Stepping on stage, after the folk band plays
This Land is Your Land by wise Woody Guthrie,
Miriam gazes at eyes in the huge crowd.
"The president commits outrageous acts
against immigrants who flee war-torn lands
as they attempt to escape governments
run by dictators who oppress their people.
He blames innocent immigrants for acts
of terrorist hate against honest people
that never happen in America.
The people in our land of liberty,
who are committing terrorist acts of hate
against honest hard-working citizens,
are white Christian men who hate everybody
different from them in religion and race.
When Robert Cain, the young white Christian male
from Mississippi, stepped into the church,
where blacks were worshipping and singing hymns,
and shot them dead with bullets of his hate,
the president failed to speak against his act.
Instead he declares as our enemies
innocent women and children who flee
countries torn by war from state policies
of our government to overthrow men
elected by their people, and replace
honest presidents with greedy dictators.
White Christian males motivated by hatred
for people of other religions and races
are the evil terrorists who cast fear
into the hearts of honest citizens,
so they, and not these Muslim immigrants,
should be deported from land of the free.
White Christian men who hate all other people
are the angry terrorists in our land.
We are opposed to dictators and kings
who oppress their people with selfish greed,
for a good president, like Jesus Christ,
cares more about the people of his land,
willing to die for them so they may live,
and makes laws that treat every single person
with equal justice in liberty for all.
We must cleanse their hate from our noble nation.
America, land of the free, and home
of the brave and good, is already great."
Miriam smiles and waves as the crowd applauds,
then joins her friends for supper at cafe
where they discuss plans for more demonstrations
against the hypocrite in the White House.

While driving home on the dark country road,
and singing Where Have All the Flowers Gone,
Miriam peers at shadows in gold headlights,
then screams startled when the large black sedan,
zooming past her on the left, swerves to bash
against the front of her small Subaru,
so she swerves and plunges into dark gloom,
smashing headlong straight at the weeping tree.

The laughing rainbow man in flowing cape,
and wearing helmet with two sharp curving horns,
steps from the cavern of red writhing flames,
and reaches out his hand to give her ring
with diamond that glitters bright as the sun.
"I am Godin, your father and good friend.
I welcome you to safe Haven of Earth,
where we feast on ripe apples and sing hymns
of praise to Widuna, queen of our hearts."

Emergency medical personnel
bear her broken body covered by sheet
from twisted metal of her shattered car,
while the black raven on the tree limb caws
at the moon that flashes across the sky.

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