Sunday, January 29, 2017

Looking At You

Looking At You
© Surazeus
2017 01 29

How deep into the labyrinth of lies
will I wander before I find the truth
that reflects perfect design of our world
in glamorous mirrors of deceptive words?

I sit in my little box by green lake
and stare into the crystal ball of dreams
that shows me faces of a million souls
who talk about the weird world they perceive.

Each person reflecting dream of their world
is one small facet on the gem of mind
that beams their world view through my open eyes
so everything they say combines all views
to generate one complete view of life.

Though I tumble down the deep rabbit hole
of illusions beaming from all their eyes,
I wander through the underworld of dreams
on quest to find the holy grail of truth
and dip it in the fountain of desire
so I may drink the waters of delight
that sparkles wisdom in observant eyes.

Though I may never find my way back home
to Aquitaine where I strummed vibrant lute
and chanted hymns of love by sacred lake,
I carry the spirit of loyal love
for the Lady of the Lake in my heart.

I still hear her calling me in my dreams,
so I wander lost, searching for her garden,
in a thousand nameless cities of hope.

Since all the queens who lived in cloud-high towers
were long ago dethroned by greedy kings
still I must sing in devotional verse
her noble deeds in caring for her people.

Though now I live in empire of machines,
the spirit of the troubadour who sings
the honest character of my wise queen
still shines through mask of cynical despair
I wear to protect my war-wounded heart.

Though billions have died the past hundred years
when bold angry men crowned themselves as king,
while pretending to play good president,
we band together, united with love
for grand principles of justice and truth,
and fight to defeat those bullies and thieves.

I see my secret face reflected clear
in most secret room of the labyrinth
where I stand at the center of the circle
that spirals through the turning universe
and discover I am looking at you.

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