Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Cycle Of Power

Cycle Of Power
© Surazeus
2017 01 25

The cycle of power spins around again
on the Yin-Yang merry-go-round of change
to balance the Force of evil and good
through fluctuation between light and dark.

After the reign of the good king of light,
Apollo, Mazda, Osiris, Shiva, Jesus,
comes the reign of the bad king of dark,
Dionysus, Angra, Set, Vishnu, Satan.

The One Mind who rules the progress of time
manages transformation of all life
through process of construction and destruction
to balance pulsing of atomic force.

The generous king who rules all with love
is followed in process of social change
by the greedy king who rules all with hate
which destroys the old to create the new.

Nations burned by the harsh conflicts of war
that destroys institutions stiff with pride
rise reborn through the fertile lust of peace
that creates institutions flush with trust.

Go with the flow of constant social change
and surf the surging waves of renewed growth
so in the darkest hour of hate and fear
we bear the brightest light of love and hope.

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