Thursday, January 5, 2017

One Hymn Of Truth

One Hymn Of Truth
© Surazeus
2017 01 05

While standing on lush hillside with large crowd
of faceless friends, and waiting for my bride
to appear from cave of grape vines and crows,
so we can join our hands in loving bond
of holy matrimony, linking hearts
with desire to reincarnate our souls,
I wake after midnight and rise from bed
to walk around our home where glowing eyes
of monstrous demons lurk in hungry gloom.

I laugh at their hunger and grim despair,
fearful that after the noble just king
steps down from the great pyramid of power,
some vain greedy tyrant will take his place,
then step through mirror of my spirit mask.

I gather diaphanous cloud of atoms,
that seem to form the tangle of my nerves
inside robotic shell, and lie in bed
beside my sleeping wife who smells like mangoes,
hoping to return to our wedding dream.

I close my eyes and sense behind me glow
of flickering fire that flashes orange and red,
so I open my eyes and look backward,
but see only gray glowing window square,
yet when I close my eyes to hollow night
I see again behind my eyes bright flare
of cold miasmic fire that shrouds my soul
in swirling vapors exhaled from thick trunk
of towering tree that hovers over field
where I huddle shivering in moonless night.

I open eyes and see enclosing walls
of our soul-shielding haven, so I close
my eyes again to find myself exposed
on bleak Cimmerian hill beneath tall tree
where ravens pluck pears they throw at my head.

I catch one pear and gaze into its eyes
that reveal black seeds cracked between my teeth,
so I devour the world of juicy blood
which bleeds in tears of laughter from my eyes
when I crush rocks with my feet to blaze road
of desire through wilderness of contempt
where I erect signs to show where I rule
by measuring curvaceous space of time.

On tall black stones, that shine on broad flat tops
of twelve-step pyramids, to reveal why
we must die every night to rise reborn,
I carve symbol of my authority,
picture of tall woman spreading both arms
who stands before pear tree and rising sun
that gleams above the mountain of her eyes.

Before my bride arrives, wearing tall crown
of seven jasmine blooms, I walk alone
with my nameless brother to temple hall
where magic formulas in secret codes
are written on the skins of long dead kings.

I stand on pyramid in long white robe
and gaze through giant diamond so large crowd
of watching people see my watching eye,
huge as the sun that blazes from blank sky,
then chant the ancient hymn my mother wrote
describing how her father made the world,
so all remember why I reign as god.

At last on wind-blown wings of silk my bride
appears from ancient cave of secret dreams
and climbs the towering pyramid of power,
bearing scepter of wisdom from just laws
that glitters emerald eye of sacred truth,
and bearing crystal sphere of selfless love
that radiates insight to the hearts of men.

The people chant her name with reverent voice
when she approaches me on pyramid,
and as she spreads her wings to shroud the world
I snap awake at the voice of my wife
who tells me the alarm on my phone
is ringing to indicate time to rise,
so I shower, dress, and eat before dawn.

Driving my car on the winding highway,
along with hundred million other cars,
through maze of city streets to office tower,
I see the shining light of her black eyes,
and hear the melody of her sweet voice
as she commands we spread out from her throne,
where Helus God of Light came down from stars,
and preach her gospel of communal love
to every tribe that thrives across the world.

Arriving at work, I sit at my desk
before computer screen that glows with light
of clear diamonds on ancient pyramids,
and link my brain to world wide web of dreams
to map the history of our sacred truths
preserved in legends of heroic deeds
so we remember why we strive to live
since Ishtar stood on pyramid of eyes
and taught us how to sing one hymn of truth.

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