Saturday, January 7, 2017

Shining Eyes

Shining Eyes
© Surazeus
2017 01 07

During the wild party on the ninth floor
of the old red brick apartment on street
where one lone gold lamp gleams after midnight,
Amanda whispers in ear of cool stranger
who came from the dark to give her new eyes.

"I hear the thoughts of everyone alive
beam into my eyes from sunlight and wind
like chorus of angels in bright church hall,
so all their sorrows and joys become mine,"
then searches his face to find his real eyes.

"I grew up in a small Arkansas town,
attending church to give my heart to Christ,
but when I learned secrets of chemistry
I realized there is no creator god,
nothing but ancestral dreams in my eyes."

When she cannot tell if he frowns or smiles,
Amanda tries to swim through surging crowd
but each mask dissolves into swirling mist
so he carries her through window of light
and takes her to the sky to find her eyes.

She reaches her hand to caress the moon,
but her hands transform into flapping ravens,
so she shouts to the laughing tree in fear,
"you cannot make numbers replace my name,
because I can dream my own pair of eyes."

When she wakes at dawn, bound to an old bed,
Amanda sees face of her mother flash
on wall of shadow, but she sees no door,
and no raven taps on the window pane,
so she tries to find heaven in her eyes.

One thousand faces of men with no names
burst hard from the murk of sinister gloom
and stab her heart with lugubrious need
that shatters the mask that once hid her soul
till nothing is left of her but bare eyes.

One night after married businessman leaves,
after stuffing her empty soul with fear,
his cell phone that fell from his pocket glows,
so she calls her mother and cries for help,
"they enslaved my body and stole my eyes!"

The detective with silver eyes breaks door
and frees her body from the chains of greed,
then leads her downstairs with one hundred girls
who shiver together under bright stars
and gaze at each other with shining eyes.

Returning to college in silver dawn,
Amanda sits in her chemistry class
and stares long at the carbon molecule
whose pulsing spiral awakes love for life
that spins aching passion in her clear eyes.

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