Wednesday, January 11, 2017

What Will You See

What Will You See
© Surazeus
2017 01 11

White snow keeps falling to shroud naked hills
and hides gray sorrow under veil of light.
My heart is aching to see your gray eyes
and our river flows hidden by cracked ice.
What will you see when you return to me,
the rose of my cheeks long wilted away?

I sit alone in the hut of gray stone
that you built with your bleeding hands for me.
I count the red stars that burn through my heart
and wait for you to return from the sea.
What will you see when you look in my eyes,
the flame of our love long burned to gray ash?

The world spins around through empty abyss
and the light of the sun glows in my brain.
The roads of the world are now paved with glass
yet I still return to wait in the rain.
What will you see when you look at my face,
the mask of my soul long withered from pain?

Great cities of steel and glass spring from Earth
and the mad king howls in his tower of gold.
I still hear you sing on the radio
about your journey to find me again.
What will you see when you find your way home,
red roses blooming from heart of my grave?

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