Friday, January 13, 2017

When I Die

When I Die
© Surazeus
2017 01 13

I stand on the shore of the forest lake
when gold raindrops are splashing in my hair
and feel our rainbow beam bright through my mind
to wash away the sorrow of my pain.

When I die and my spirit dissipates
bury me under your tall apple tree
so I will become apples blooming in mist
on your sunlit hill by our sparkling sea.

I see you walking toward me from green gloom,
bearing basket of red apples you picked
from the tree of snakes you killed with a stick
and hold one out to me like the red sun.

When I die and my flesh crumbles to dust
throw my body in your swift flowing stream
so I will become the flash of its flow
and fall as rain on the high mountain slope.

Though our son ran from your arms full of joy
and fell in the depths of the murky pool
weep not that he vanished from dream of life
for we can kiss and spark another child.

When I die and my eyes stare blank at clouds
burn my body in flames before it rots
for worms and bugs will consume my foul flesh
and I will wake in the buzzing of lust.

Your belly swells again with our new child
and we will wake in their curious eyes
so they can sing when we teach them dream words
that envision the world of flowing shapes.

When I die and I stop breathing cool air
throw my body into the swirling sky
where I will sprout long white wings like the owl
and watch you with live with eyes of moonlit gold.

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