Monday, January 30, 2017

Thirteen Pearls

Thirteen Pearls
© Surazeus
2017 01 30

Wherever I run on the spinning world
she hovers over me on wings of flame
that shimmer white as rainbows in my mind
to beam dancing words in song from my tongue.

I stand on the shore of the shining lake
and point to the rainbow that glitters bright
as ten million suns in each drop of rain
to flush flashing words in song through my blood.

I fall on my back on the hill of rocks
that shimmer from the flaming meteor,
and laugh when the sky of my brain cracks wide
enough to swirl galaxies in my eyes.

I crawl in flowers where kittens lie curled
then carve on mountain peak my secret name
that not even wise leprechauns can find
so I stay until the last hymn is sung.

If you can tell this face I wear is fake,
then mold me new mask that will hide the light
which beams me back to the ethereal plane
where I sail ship of words on swirling flood.

If you can dream real world faster than clocks,
know that playing myself might be easier
though cracks open the Earth where angels hide
so spell I conjure might win me the prize.

By the time wind-catching sail is unfurled,
I bear true wand so I can play the game
flying last airplane my mother designed
since I am stuck high on last ladder rung.

Lithe in the Tree of Life, I am the snake
who always pretends that he can do right
since reign of God in Heaven now must wane
till every apple tree begins to bud.

Now who will find me hiding in the box
without doors where I paint me crazier
than last goddess who wants to play my guide
though I am just one fool of many spies?

I make her crown glitter with thirteen pearls
then shape our universe in measured frame
preserved well by pulsing atomic bind
so we are now old as the world is young.

Who told me that we are all God awake
which revealed the secret of breathing flight
since nourishing food is conjured from grain
which sprouts like fire from menstruating mud?

The world is constructed from flashing blocks
that spiral on waves flowing from brazier,
so when I arrive with my blushing bride
she proves I am wearing her divine guise.

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