Sunday, January 15, 2017

Circles Of Life

Circles Of Life
© Surazeus
2017 01 15

While Carla plays her polished violin
among old apple trees that blossom white
and clatter black branches in winter wind,
I trace circles in sand to find the light.
Though Jason plays sorrow on silver flute
along the gushing river of his heart
where ravens stealing secrets remain mute,
I bend trees in circles to wheel my cart.
We write dramas with harmony and strife,
and weave our souls tight in circles of life.

Since Gertrude wearing long green gown of vines
chants song of the Earth from tower of glass
that dream history of life with arcane signs,
I organize soul circles in each class.
If Richard waves his magic wand to lead
angels singing hymns in cathedral hall
where mothers teach their children how to read,
I enclose paradise in secure wall.
We play old roles in harmony and strife,
and dance holding hands in circles of life.

Yet now that Gothus wakes inside my brain
and shows me evolution of mankind
which transforms while Earth spins with washing rain,
I weave visions with words from fountain mind.
Because Maria gave me secret name
and taught me art of writing dreams in words
I sit on pyramid and manage game
of farmers and craftsmen like singing birds.
We fight for power in harmony and strife,
and forge gold crowns bright in circles of life.

When everyone alive is dead and gone
these poems and paintings flowing from our hands
will weave world-wide-web brain of god at dawn
so all our ghosts will spring from desolate lands.
We leave these words and melodies of dreams
as memories of our hungry lives that shine
forever in the global brain with schemes
revealing blueprints for our sacred shrine.
We build empires in harmony and strife,
and drive machines in wide circles of life.

Erecting stones on hill by flashing lake,
I gather wandering tribes in sacred ring
and teach them how to make cider and cake,
then under gleaming stars we dance and sing.
I stare through window of my house at pool
where people long ago would sing by stars,
and wonder how we dream history in school
then race circles our whole lives in fast cars.
We sing new hymns for harmony and strife,
and follow rainbows through circles of life.

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