Thursday, January 12, 2017

Strange Face In Shining Pool

Strange Face In Shining Pool
© Surazeus
2017 01 12

The gleaming rainbow pierces through my heart
when I see your faces dissolve to mud.
I hold sparkling rain in my trembling hand
and drink the tears of sorrow that we shed.

Your falling bombs destroyed that world we built
and shattered all our dreams we forged from glass.
We dance now on the fragments of our hopes
that cut our hearts with shards of bitter hate.

I crawl through rubble of our broken faith
to try and reassemble old beliefs.
The Phoenix of our nation burns in war
but we will rise again on wings of truth.

The prophet who once lead us with his light
now wanders blind in wilderness of fear.
He cries out to the jet planes soaring past,
and weeps over the dead child in his arms.

The little girl and boy run among trees
and gather flowers by the sparkling stream.
Their homes were shattered by divine decrees
and now they wander in dim eerie dream.

Now where on this vast globe of hills and plains
can lovers settle from their wandering quest?
They plant fresh seeds in garden of her breast
and watch the rainbow glow after cool rain.

Now ancient machines that engineers built
are rusting in vast fields of endless rain.
We wander lost in labyrinth of doors
where people hang their masks of social pride.

Two warriors who once fought for haughty kings
now sell each other crafts and food they make.
I stand on river shore after world war
and stare at my strange face in shining pool.

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