Monday, January 16, 2017

First Mother Of Mankind

First Mother Of Mankind
© Surazeus
2017 01 16

First Mother Amen stands in Lake of Dreams
to pluck ripe apple from the Tree of Life
and teaches us to sing words of our dreams
and plant trees in every vale of this world.

In ancient civilizations of Man
god was the woman on tall pyramid
who organized the labor of our hands
to maximize efficiency of work.

First Mother on the pyramid of eyes
appointed strongest man to rule as king
enforcing words of her vision as laws
that manage interactions of our hopes.

While standing on tall pyramid at dawn
she spread her arms wide with welcoming love
and dreamed awake the vision of our eyes
revealing role each person plays in life.

Wise Amen was the first star of our dream,
our loving First Mother who taught us all
the song of creation that guides our hearts
when we walk alone on the road of life.

All civilizations of man on this world
which rose and fell these past ten thousand years
sprout from the seed of her creative word,
first goddess who wove the dreams of our eyes.

I wandered listless in the maze of life
that winds through all the cities of our world
till I returned to stand on pyramid
where Amen taught us how to sing with joy.

First Mother Amen wakes inside our minds
so we all gather in the hall of dreams
and sing the hymn of love that she composed
that helps us harmonize our souls as one.

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