Saturday, January 21, 2017

Film Of Girl Eating Soup

Film Of Girl Eating Soup
© Surazeus
2011 01 21

Andy Warhol sits on a tall wood stool,
wearing blue jeans, patent leather shoes,
and a white dress shirt with three pens.
No butterfly fans wings on silver hair.

Holding movie camera over his face,
Andy films a little girl in an Easter dress
who eats hot Campbells tomato soup
and a grilled cheese sandwich and milk.

She sings, "If you ever see maskless me
hanging out in dead broken Tree of Life,
put a tattered dollar bill in my right hand
and take me back to signless Wonderland."

Blue butterfly flutters through window
and fans wings on long golden curls.
Andy records her eating for over an hour.
Little girl never once looks at his camera.

Andy holds blue plastic princess phone.
"I expect God will call me on this phone,
but I will not have anything good to say."
Phone rings so he gives it to little girl.

Three thousand years later on a mountain
inside crystal bubble of television eyes
butterfly angel sits on a pink lotus flower
and watches old film of girl eating soup.

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