Wednesday, January 18, 2017

She Is Our Goddess

She Is Our Goddess
© Surazeus
2016 01 18

She smirks at everything that breaks her heart
and hides her wounds behind a mask of ice.
She will not plan her life on scheduled chart
and seems to substitute desire for vice.
She is our Goddess walking on this Earth,
creator of our life through spirit birth.

She wears a slender skirt instead of pants
since her clothes are no excuse for assault.
She should walk safely everywhere she wants
since men choosing to grab is not her fault.
She is our Goddess singing love for life,
artist of our souls as mother and wife.

She laughs whenever he tries to mansplain,
capable of performing her job well.
She reminds him, I have a working brain,
and if you listened to me you could tell.
She is our Goddess building with her hands,
dreamer of the soul that blooms from all lands.

She marches with her sisters on the mall,
declaring rule, my body is my own.
She hammers till she cracks the legal wall,
insisting she is human, not your clone.
She is our Goddess teaching us to love
weaver of the light that beams from above.

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