Monday, January 30, 2017

Urgent Force Of Life

Urgent Force Of Life
© Surazeus
2017 01 30

What bright beams of sunlight weave the whole Earth
in pulsing clumps of atoms who wake clear
from shining dream of stars with open eyes
when we all look at each other and smile?

What urgent force of hungry love is this
that fuels my motion through the maze of things
my brain objectifies when I perceive
their solid shapes illuminated bright?

What plants and animals can I consume
so throbbing chemicals inside my heart
dissolve their bodies to incorporate
material of their lives to increase mine?

What dancing woman with star-sparkling eyes
can I embrace with pleasure of desire
to copulate so spirits of our dreams
incarnate in the growing child she bears?

What wild aggressive impulse of my lust
will I now rein with contemplative hope
to manage reproduction of our selves
and maintain balance of quick life and death?

I feel aggressive urge to reproduce
that drove my ancestors to fight and grasp,
invading fertile lands to build empires
of temples that nourish children and farms.

Now pausing in high mountain in far west,
I gaze backward on trail ancestors blazed
ten thousand years, Egypt to Oregon,
and see vast empires shining on sea shores.

I look at my hands and remember when
we swung through vast forests of apple trees
and started singing visions of our eyes
that lead us to construct high towers of stone.

I stop myself from this relentless charge
of fierce aggressive lust to live and thrive,
and regulate the impulse of desire
to preserve all life instead of destroy.

All things are structures of atomic sparks
so I control the gestures of my hands
to create good after I destroy bad
based on formulas of cause and effect.

I override my selfish lust to take,
and channel urge of love to create crafts
in close-knit community of good friends
so we help each other live in calm peace.

Empires of equal democratic rights
are based on small communities of craftsmen
woven in vast quilt of one global state
which nurtures creative work of every person.

We stand together on this spinning sphere
and all our minds together form one mind
that weaves one vision from all our desires
so everything we do benefits all.

Vibrant beams of sunlight weave the whole Earth
in pulsing clumps of atoms who wake clear
from flashing dream of stars with conscious minds
so we sing with the urgent force of life.

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