Saturday, January 7, 2017

Nationalism Versus Publicanism

Nationalism Versus Publicanism

The great conflict of our time will be Nationalism versus Publicanism, a struggle between the principles of forming political states based on genetically related group of people or a multi-ethnic group of people who live together in a common geographic region, sharing the land and its resources.

Nation is based on Latin Natus, meaning birth. Nationalism is formed on the nation, a political state that is based around a genetically related group of people who share a common culture.

Publicanism is based on Latin Publicus, meaning people. Publicanism is formed on the public, a political state that is based around a non-related group of people who live together, and elect representatives to manage their affairs in a Republic.

Most countries on the Eurasian continent are organized around nations that are many thousands of years old. The countries of the American continents are more mixtures of native Americans and people from many of the Eurasian nations.

The United States is the prime example of a country with a large ethnic mix which is facing a crisis of identity, whether it is a white christian nationalist state, or whether it is a multi-ethnic secular publican state.

European people who are the majority population in the United States are attempting to restore white christian nationalism as the organizing principle of that state.

Large numbers of native Americans as well as immigrants from every nation in the world, who have a wide variety of cultural and religious traditions, have become a part of the society of the United States, so many people of the American public want to build a more equitable and just society that treats every individual, regardless of race or religion, as equal citizens.

The society of the United States has long favored white Europeans and Christians over all other peoples of the world, but it is time to emphasize our commitment to equal rights for every person, regardless of nationality or religion.

The leaders of the United States and Russia are attempting to form an alliance of white christian nationalist states to fight against other nationalist states. They will lose against the more just principle of multi-ethnic Publicanism.

It is time for every nation of the world, especially the United States, to transform from myopic nationalist states to a universal publican state.

We are going to face a period of intense nationalist conflicts, which will hopefully shatter their nationalist attitudes and open up the regions of the world to form multi-ethnic publican states that can function peacefully within a global community of democratic republics.

I declare myself a Publican, dedicated to building a multi-ethnic secular Republic in the United States of America where every individual is treated with equal respect and justice under a common law.

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