Sunday, January 22, 2017

Wind In Trees

Wind In Trees
© Surazeus
2017 01 22

In the dark by the lake that reflects stars
she sings wordless melody of desire
that aches with the whisper of wind in trees
which haunts the forest where wild creatures roam.

The little boy who kneels before her tree
places straw basket of berries and nuts
on her lap, then she caresses his cheek,
peering into the silence of his soul.

"Long ago I reigned as queen of the world,
goddess gowned in silk and crowned with gold ring
studded with gems that beamed my divine soul,
and I wrote names of all in Book of Life."

She sighs and gazes at the silver moon
that beams light clear through her transparent flesh,
and her eyes flash with horror of dark fear,
but then she looks down at his face and smiles.

"I generated your soul from my guard
so I placed scepter of authority
in his hand, but my brother cut his heart,
and cast his body on the flames of hate."

Plucking white lily filled with purple rain,
the fallen queen wipes cold tears from her eyes,
and laughs when rain shower falls on their heads,
and moonlight gleams in clear drops on their cheeks.

"My brother drove me from my throne of power
so I fled far, clutching you in my arms,
while he crowned his wife as queen of the world,
therefore I am now queen of wind and light."

He touches her arm, fragile as the twig
of an apple tree in the winter frost,
and she drinks cider from cup in his hand,
then sings again sad haunting melody.

"Remember my words for ten thousand years,
each time we wake from child born of our flesh,
that power to command obedient action
is fleet as the wind that swirls at our faces."

The little boy gazes at leaves of trees
that flutter, whispering secrets, in cool breeze,
then looks again at his mother who lies
dead among flowers where bees collect pollen.

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