Monday, January 2, 2017

Fights For Our Liberty

Fights For Our Liberty
© Surazeus
2017 01 02

When flowers burst out of my broken heart
after drenching rain floods all our clean homes,
I open the blank door for a fresh start
and wonder where my star-chasing child roams.

I molded her soul from dreams of my mind
and breathed spirit of life to wake her eyes
then taught her how to sing truth I designed
that explains why sunlight beams from the skies.

The man in the castle with sword of fire
enslaves my brothers to work while he feasts,
drinking their blood while they slog in the mire
and whips their backs to haul large stones like beasts.

They build high walls for his sky-reaching towers
from huge blocks they carve from obedient stones,
and he drinks wine and lounges among flowers
while they construct his castle on their bones.

My lost child returns from the cave of death
and rouses our clan from mind-numbing fear
then preaches liberty with burning breath
since all men are born on same spinning sphere.

She leads our army to fight king of stone
and overthrow dictator of despair,
charging forth even though she stands alone
and hurls spear of truth at mute ghost of air.

She digs her fingers into pungent soil
and plants seeds of apples, watered with tears,
that sprout from the flame of her desperate toil
while grape vines untangle forgotten years.

She will never return from civil war
yet forever fights for our liberty
though I watch for her from my open door
and sing her name lost from eternity.

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