Friday, January 27, 2017

Whiteness Shining In Water

Whiteness Shining In Water
© Surazeus
2017 01 27

I see strange pure whiteness shining in water
that reflects urgent force of life and death
when I stare down in deep bottomless well
which reveals my own consciousness of love
beaming in rainbow colors of weird truth
on glimmering surface picture of my soul.

I see faces of my father and mother
merged into my face, two blended in one,
half of each clumped together to present
familiar stranger who might know my name.

Behind my face, stretching backward in masks
of passionate hope, faces of my ancestors
blossom into millions of now-dead souls,
each one vanishing into my one face,
billions of faces flickering from white flame
of my conscious glowing soul who maintains
virtual world of memories in my brain
that weaves all deeds of their dramatic lives
in vibrant fabric of my living soul.

Each moment as I move through maze of life
my eyes dream flashes of unconscious urge
revealing moments of intense emotion
when one of them in vast web of my soul
twangs string of events that reflect this scene
where I now stand on stage of life to play
prewritten role society demands,
so when I contemplate flow of events
to analyze flash of cause and effect
my mind envisions how that person acted
and whether they succeeded or failed, game
of chance I rewrite to manage my fate.

I see from flash of drama in my eyes
how they played game of life to love or die,
then step on stage and express my own thoughts
which conjures new world view my mind designs,
and perform my own role that beams my name
in pure whiteness of my soul on deep water.

All structures of this universe are formed
from small atomic sparks of pulsing lust
that weave my brain where I am God awake,
learning force of construction and destruction
so I can balance swirl of birth and death.

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