Friday, January 20, 2017

Tragic Fall

Tragic Fall
© Surazeus
2017 01 20

As pageantry of political power
plays out on our national stage this hour,
I see Sophocles, wise spy in the shadow,
watching the arrogant king bring his sideshow
of deceptive games to the White House hall
where he promises to build new Great Wall
and declares only he can fix it all,
ready to chronicle his tragic fall.

Will this new Oedipus Rex who got past
the Riddling Sphinx, whose prophecy was cast
in magic formula of hope from fear,
figure out in time right method to steer
our Ship of State in the perilous race
before he stumbles in haughty disgrace
when he boasts only he can fix it all
but destroys our world in his tragic fall?

How can we survive when our cities burn
since this Nero plays harp without concern
then sends our brothers in conquering war
after crowning as queen his sweet Lenore,
and refuses to pay us for our work,
stealing our wealth with an arrogant smirk
though he hides behind his new golden wall
while our nations crash with his tragic fall?

This fake Mussolini puffs out his chest,
and boasts that his solutions are the best,
then threatens to crush terrorists with hate,
but Sophocles laughs while watching his fate
because he wrote this play centuries ago
so he invites us all to see sad show
about king who boasts he can fix it all
but cannot change role in his tragic fall.

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