Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Journey Out West

Journey Out West
© Surazeus
2017 01 10

Sunlight glitters gold on vast field of snow
where single set of footsteps trace my quest
from waste land to hills where apple trees grow
and chirping robin builds new cozy nest.

Alone on wind-swept hill I stop and look
backward along my way ten thousand years
and see lost cities preserved in no book,
destroyed by wars of greed and blinding fears.

I trace my way around our spinning globe
that blazes trail of hope west toward new lands
till I flee alone in old tattered robe
from all I built and destroyed with my hands.

I built great empires on mountains of brick,
raising castles of stone and towers of steel,
that thrived long centuries till we grew sick
and kings that doled out wealth began to steal.

Generous kings and greedy tyrants reign
over busy nations like God on Earth
but each one falls when he grows fat and vain
while people live on in sorrow and mirth.

I journey west over mountains and seas
to live secure in lush garden of fruit
that flourishes and blooms from kiss of bees
and my love sings while I play haunting flute.

Yet maze of streets from money city sprawls
and paves my peaceful garden with cement
then paradise is prisoned by high walls
and fruit I grew is sold without assent.

On shore of Oregon I stare far west
across the ocean where the east begins
in shock I now finish my ancient quest
then dance with joy while our planet still spins.

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