Friday, November 25, 2016

Wish Upon A Star

Wish Upon A Star
© Surazeus
2016 11 25

On small dismal asteroid in deep space,
Salorius, young wizard with long hair,
wearing a long green robe and crystal crown,
stands before oak wood door on gray-dust hill.
Licking the sharp knife, he carves on dark wood.
"I wish for a swan on a lake of fire."

Closing his eyes as he takes a deep breath,
Salorius opens the door and steps forward
into infinite darkness of black flames,
and appears by the well of sparkling eyes
in the courtyard crowded with busy people
at Oberon Wizard Academy
where he was a young student years before.

His friends Gothinius and Mercurius
look up from their chess game and call his name.

Salorius slouches by the courtyard well
and drinks Dragon Brain Wine from crystal cup.
"I knew that magic mirror was a hoax."

Gothinius claps his shoulder, and laughs.
"I thought you were going on a long quest.
You said you would be gone for many years."

Salorius grins as they stare at his face.
"I was gone for twelve years on my grand quest,
traveling across Waste Land of empty homes,
climbing jagged mountain of desperate hope,
leaping across nine frozen asteroids,
flying in the endless hurricanes of Saturn,
and have at last returned by random chance."

Mercurius shakes his head and gives him apple.
"You only left us ten minutes ago."

Salorius nods and watches young women
weaving cloth from clouds and rays of sunlight.
"I heard about Magic Mirror of Marta
so I journeyed to planet of Saturnus
by leaping across frozen asteroids.
Last time I traveled on quest with Pomona
she left acorns behind, frozen in ice,
which sprouted into forest of oak trees.
Alithea appeared from mist and explained
that one can fabricate time-portal doors
from special wood of oak trees that grow tall
on asteroids molded from tears of sorrow
that fall from the eyes of young jilted brides.
When you are done you carve what you desire
on the door, and when you open it wide
you will be somewhere else entirely.
So the trick to go where you want to go
is to carve something random on the door
you do not wish, that means nothing to you,
and you might get where you want to go.
The magic of time-portal doors is tricky."

Young girl without eyes rows rotting sailboat
over sand dunes that blow across the courtyard,
then she steps on shimmering thread of light
and holds up her dead raven by its wings.
"You said you wanted a pure snow-white swan
so I brought you this black raven as gift
from island of mist, so you must give me
your eyes to help me dream how atoms glow."

Salorius sees that his friends turned to stone,
silent statues playing chess to build empires,
so he places rusting crowns on their heads
and walks backward around the courtyard well.
Red blood bubbles from the bottomless well
when the eyeless girl follows him past rain,
falling backward slowly onto soft flowers.
"I spell your name backwards to calculate
the number of tangled threads that compose
your throbbing brain where all dead gods survive."

Eyeless girl sews wings to his crippled arms.
"My name is Hekate, so call me Kate,
because you must teach me how to ice skate."

Salorius runs down road of sticky mud
toward the glass tower that shimmers far off,
but stops at the crossroads between four worlds
where the eyeless girl gives him crystal sphere.
"Look into my eye and you will dream
the entire history of our universe
and see how it flowered as light from gloom
to transform spirits into conscious minds.
You will find your heart in this leather purse
for she sings to you from high tower room,
source of every valley-watering stream."

Hekate leads him by hand to the pond
where her face appears smiling in the trunk
of the last oak tree in the universe.
Salorius carves a new door from the tree,
then takes off the mask that defines his face
and gives it to the tree who opens eyes
of endless history where secret name
of every person who lived sparkles clear.
"Truth will conquer all tyrants if we fight,
because our world is always upside down."

Salorius, wizard with colorless eyes,
stands before oak wood door on bare white hill.
Licking the sharp knife, he carves on dark wood.
"I wish for a boat that will sail on air."

Closing his eyes as he takes a deep breath,
Salorius opens the door and steps forward
into infinite darkness of black flames,
and appears in the secret tower room
where the eyeless girl cradles in her hands
his empty skull that smiles and calls his name.
"Salorius, son of Sabazeus, you
must marry me to gain eternal life.
Wish upon a star, and I will be yours."

Pouring apple juice in two silver cups,
Salorius sits beside her at the window
and they drink while galaxies spin their eyes
that causes seeds to sprout from tears of love.

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