Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Gates Of Athens

Gates Of Athens
© Surazeus
2016 11 02

I rise from death at blaze of dawn
and walk the signless road
through maze of face-reflecting doors
where bankers worship Toad
who taxes every breath we take
while I must sing in code
when I stand naked at the Gates of Athens.

I climb the mountain of despair
to sail the crystal boat
among the stars that spark my soul
in space where dead gods float
and then return to city towers
dressed in Apollo's coat
to sing the truth before the Gates of Athens.

I wrestle with the serpent ghost
on sacred quest to find
the holy grail in mountain cave
that beams dreams in my mind
so I carve spells on granite cliff
that might lost spirits bind
in visions written on the Gates of Athens.

I run through labyrinth of lies
to find the statue hall
where face of every mortal soul
is painted on the wall
then blended in one face of god
who wakes me with her call
and appoints me to guard the Gates of Athens.

I watch great empires rise and fall
in waves of hungry needs
while tending orchard of fruit trees
by rooting out bad weeds
then walking in Waste Land of hope
to scatter apple seeds
that sprout in groves around the Gates of Athens.

I crown myself the global king
and forge new lightning key
that spins all atoms in bright ring
which glows as honey bee
who brews the juice that gives me wing
so I may fly far free
beyond the soul-enchanting Gates of Athens.

I brew new potion of sweet life
in grove of singing trees
that may revive from dreamless death
the girl who weaves the breeze
but now my soul is mute and blind
upon the temple frieze
that glimmers outside the locked Gates of Athens.

Before I reign in paradise
I must face down the brute
who plundered Eden in the war
when treasures became loot
though I am lost with nothing more
than secret bird-bone flute
which I must play outside the Gates of Athens.

I sit forlorn in swirling dust
where I hum spells and wait
for wise star goddess to arrive
who was my loving mate
and take my hand with blessing kiss
that will not change my fate
when I rebuild the broken Gates of Athens.

We stand together in star hall
and sing the magic spell
that calls lost souls from every land
to gather by the well
and drink vital water of life
at ringing of the bell
that heralds rebirth in the Gates of Athens.

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