Thursday, November 17, 2016

Bloody Door

Bloody Door
© Surazeus
2016 11 17

"My darling husband, who won me with love,
after charming me with your love for Christ,
then bought me nice home with lush garden of herbs,
took me to Hawaii on our honeymoon,
and gave me a huge sparkling diamond ring,
why did you slam my face in the door?"

"My precious wife, with long curls of blond hair,
whose sparkling blue eyes enchanted my heart,
so buxom and lithe in my eager arms
when we danced in warm moonlight on the beach,
always obedient to my good commands,
I will tell why I slammed you in the door."

"My gentle husband, my God-sanctioned love,
you always tended all my needs with care,
sang hymns to Jesus in church by my side,
provided for our children to grow well,
and bought me everything nice I asked for,
so why slam my face in the bedroom door?"

"My obedient wife, companion in Christ,
who raised our three children with doting love,
hosted parties for my company colleagues,
ran our busy home with efficient duty,
and never argued back against my word,
you voted for Hillary, that vile whore!"

"My protective husband, guarding my life
with devoted love, my mind is my own,
and I have the right to vote as I choose
since we live in this great democracy,
equal companions in church of our Lord,
and yet you slammed my soft face in the door!"

"My subservient wife, given me by Christ,
God says the man must always rule the home,
and the wife who is good obeys her man,
so you must always do as I command,
and I told you the man you should vote for,
but you voted for Hillary, that whore!"

"My childish husband, who betrayed my love,
though you promised to honor and protect me,
you hurt me from your angry jealousy,
and broke law of God to cherish your wife,
suppressing my right to choose as I will,
so I am leaving by your bloody door."

"My docile wife, my eternal soul mate,
bound to obey me by old law of God,
the Bible says you are to serve my needs,
for you are the helpmate of home I rule,
so you must do your duty as my wife
and stay within the confines of my door."

"My treacherous husband, weak with male pride,
I voted for Hillary as President
because my mind and body are my own,
and I should have freedom to live my way
and receive your loving support for my choice,
but you slammed my face in your prideful door."

"My loving wife, long gone from my bleak home,
you left my heart empty of love I broke,
and never return when I call your name,
and though I know I should never hit you
you made me angry and made me hit you
because you voted for that haughty whore."

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