Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Dynamic Democracy

Dynamic Democracy
© Surazeus
2016 11 08

When I walk up to the small voting booth
and slip my card into the bright machine,
I pause and contemplate our history
of struggle to survive ten thousand years,
how wily men organized angry men
into armies who forged weapons of death,
stormed high pyramids, palaces, and castles
where they crowned themselves to play god on Earth
through subjugating everyone alive
to play submissive roles of daily tasks
in ruling empires that produce more food,
then exercise my sacred right to vote
for honest person with vision of truth,
this right we won through centuries of war
against greedy kings and violent tyrants,
by touching the name of the soul I trust
to guide our nation on right path of love,
and with that gesture, when I touch the screen
to choose who will play god over our nation,
I support dynamic Democracy
by choosing Hillary as President
of our United States of America,
for she leads angels of honest compassion
in grand army of justice to protect
our individual rights and liberty
to live free as we will, if we harm none,
then all together sea to shining sea
we hold hands and celebrate victory
of honest freedom over tyranny
in endless struggle of life against death.

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