Monday, November 14, 2016

Laughing Witch Of Wonderland

Laughing Witch Of Wonderland
© Surazeus
2016 11 13

When Rip Van Winkle wakes from hazy dream,
two hundred years after he forged the key,
he follows Alice back from Wonderland
to find Picasso gored by Wall Street Bull.

While searching for the secret Holy Grail,
Alice finds Robin Hood drunk in dark church
then scatters fake coins to the chanting crowd
who march in protest against genocide.

Just when the White Queen in a white pant suit
moves to checkmate and defeat Genghis Khan,
since Batman in the museum is drunk,
the Joker springs laughing from glowing screen.

Running blind through the labyrinth of lies,
Alice leaps through the looping door of time
to evade the Joker who tries to steal
the key that she received from Joan of Arc.

Rip writes his vote for president in sand
that blows away in restless wind of power
since Robin Hood and Batman still play chess
instead of freeing slaves from unseen chains.

When Alice wakes from eating mushroom cake
she sees the Joker, riding Jabberwock
above the flat-top pyramid of eyes,
elected President of Wonderland.

Ten thousand women, locked behind blind doors,
weep for White Queen, whose heart is frozen ice,
till Frida Kahlo enters on swift deer
and shoots ten arrows at the howling clown.

On pyramid of eyes, when midnight tolls,
the Joker tries to bind in chains of law
the hands of women who break free from fear,
but Alice zaps his eyes with words of truth.

When Alice unlocks door to Wonderland
she finds broken apple seed in her hand
so by the river of light where souls wail
she buries the key in my sleeping heart.

Though the Joker tries to crown himself king
Alice leaps from the apple tree at dawn,
riding the flaming unicorn from Hell,
and strikes the pyramid of power to dust.

The laughing Witch of Wonderland, who sings
my first forgotten name in secret code,
touches my head when I rise from Star Lake
and shows me everything that might occur.

The name and power of the nation I love
is nothing more than fragile shell of dreams
that vanishes in wind of spoken words
and reveals land where many people live.

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