Saturday, November 26, 2016

Why Everything Exists

Why Everything Exists
© Surazeus
2016 11 26

No slow flood of sophisticated waves
that communicates irate wishes past
can ever consist of furtive beliefs
used to invent flawless material
that cannot prove why everything exists.

I cannot lighten weird adamant faith
that accounts for zealous behavior since
your wistful vessel of excellent hope
could help me balance my bike on smoke wings
and discover why everything exists.

If lush cactus can be adaptable
to tedious rivers of dust lost in mist
I could square her cynical key of glass
while guarding outpost of my sacred quill
which helps describe why everything exists.

This agonizing attraction I pull
with high-pitched cheer from my last childlike heart
injects thoughtful tunes in white robin wings
when enchanted ships leave my harbor saved
to navigate why everything exists.

Floating on wide hollow lake at midnight,
I obtain scorched terrible sun of wealth,
relieved to coordinate adhesive heat
from incandescent hands that divide hate,
which obfuscates why everything exists.

My ossified eyes question true speed
that beams from precious hour of ancient fear
since furtive flash of imperfect desire
shocks ancient hours with electric contempt
if I measure why everything exists.

Now we must calculate chess moves of faith
that wink obnoxious melodies past death
before they can puncture circle of weight
when sisters skate nimble beyond fake walls
that paradise why everything exists.

I taste aromatic smoke that snakes slow
where river and road irritate command
which causes me to stop and observe why
snakes alone live in ruins of control
yet fails to rule why everything exists.

This chivalrous game all refuse to play
reveals evanescent mirror of change
as excuse to obtain true magic flight
that clutters fancy square of dancing wind
still unconcerned why everything exists.

Who can grab ludicrous rate of each dream
that wipes quizzical comfort of good trade
since unnatural attraction breeds fake life
though subsequent eras rinse all souls clean
before knowing why everything exists.

Through alleged size of frantic weariness
they feel profuse frame of shivering lust
which some would instruct to texture wild dare
since thoughtless rule constrains long-term awareness
hiding truth for why everything exists.

Before capricious payment can increase
apathetic march of each joyous name
we wake colossal hands to minister
payment of priceless consciousness from death
while dissolving why everything exists.

We must return to deserted homeland
where helpless elders stir embers of love
to trade important laughter with dead king
though he gave rice for real statement of trade
to purchase code why everything exists.

Thick apparel of his teaching retrains
seething brains of sages and fools alike
that hang from limb of tree which grows no fruit
while gleaming fairies revive glorious truth
coded to hide why everything exists.

Your letter sleeps in abstracted mailbox
to preserve secrets of aquatic breath
before we suck noise on violent seashore
while dead father constructs repulsive bridge
that connects us why everything exists.

Therefore we complete abstract form of wisdom
that defines universe of swirling atoms
within vague limits of subtracted fact
designed by wise architect of our dreams
and thus wonder why everything exists.

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