Thursday, November 17, 2016

Kings Rise And Fall

Kings Rise And Fall
© Surazeus
2016 11 16

Kings rise and fall on waves of haughty greed,
and strive to rule lives of men by command,
threatening death if we refuse to obey,
till death strikes them down from high pyramid
and they fall nine days and nights into dirt
where flowers transform their ambitious hate
into pollen for bees to brew sweet honey.

Kings rise and fall on pyramid of power
while farmers till fields of barley and wheat,
and shepherds tend flocks of plump wooly sheep,
and craftsmen construct wood wagons and ships,
and witches brew healing potions from herbs,
and mothers teach their children how to sing,
so we live while they fight for rings of gold.

Kings rise and fall in conniving chess games
of political intrigue in shining courts
where hunger hides behind sweet mask of smiles,
and glorious gods robed in divine rights
parade in pageant of superior power,
but truth will conquer all tyrants and kings,
grinding them down in the dust of death.

Kings rise and fall in vicious game of thrones
that swirl in wild revolutions of power
since Sargon built first empire of Akkad
four thousand years ago to honor Ishtar,
but now we control that process of change
by electing one to rule over all
every four years in dance of life and death.

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