Friday, November 18, 2016

Lion Queen Of Avalon

Lion Queen Of Avalon
© Surazeus
2016 11 18

When the Leopard King is counting his coins,
that he stole from carpenters and electricians,
Zeus will strike Tower of Gold with righteous wrath
and his false crown will shatter into leaves.

Since the Lion Queen wanders in exile,
and gathers fresh flowers in Broceliande,
the lost Well of Tears in the Grove of Nymphs
reflects the eyes of the true Queen of Hearts.

While the blind swordless knight plays chess with Death
by Scamander River, that shines with blood
of bold warriors who died defending Justice,
the White Priest comes to stab him in the back.

Since Hamlet on the Pyramid of Power
talks with the Orphean skull of King Lear,
Galadriel gives the secret Ring of Wisdom
to the nameless boy of hope with three eyes.

The Hero that Hera trained to guard women
journeys through the Waste Land of broken laws
to find the Emerald Tablet in the cave
where Pluto weeps for dead Persephone.

The White Raven with three eyes will return
to lead Robin Hood from Castle of Lies
but not before the White Priest will attack
and overthrow the Leopard King in a coup.

Though Mad King Lear howls on highway of wind
to prophesy the fall of the Republic,
the Children of Angela cover their ears
and run together off the cliff of pride.

When the Bear and the Eagle unite armies
to battle the Dragon on desert dunes
the Lion of Judah will rise again
to bear the scepter of wisdom and truth.

After Mithras rides the Bull of Wall Street,
that Neptune roasts on Pyramid of Eyes,
Athena will return from the Waste Land,
bearing water jar that fills every glass.

When the White Priest betrays the Leopard King
the scapegoat will be lead to the new temple
and sacrificed on the altar of peace
though he tries to steal the Fasces of Caesar.

Though Orpheus descends to Cave of Wealth
to rescue the lost Lion Queen from Death
the Leopard King will try to chain her neck
and keep her locked in the dark Zoo of Lies.

But Hamlet and Robin Hood will unite
to lead the army of hippies and clowns
who will battle bankers for Key of Truth
and free Eurydice from Cave of Fear.

After Beatrice leads Poet of Lost Souls
to the secret temple on lush Mount Zion,
the true Children of Israel will hold hands
and sing new psalms around the Lake of Dreams.

Before Richard the Lion-Heart returns
to misty Avalon covered in snow
Melusine will reveal the devious plot
to steal Diamond of Truth from Crown of Faith.

Though the Sons of Richard Plantagenet
sit on the Throne of Swords in the White House,
the Wizard of Mount Mazama will lead
the Empress of Stars to the House of Wisdom.

When the Gold Tower falls from Lightning of Greed
the Lion Queen, riding Beast of Liberty,
will return from the Waste Land of despair
to wield the Scepter of Justice and Truth.


  1. I don't know if it was your intention...
    this was fun

    1. It was my intention. A tongue-in-cheek imitation of a Nostradamus prophecy.